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SkunkWorkZ DayZ Server
Start in early 2023

In a few days we at SkunkWorks Servers will release our first DayZ server in SkunkWorks style.

This page was created to define the monetization of our DayZ server and to request the possibility of monetization from Bohemia Interactive. As well as to inform all interested parties about how SkunkWorks Server plans to cover the costs of this (these) DayZ server(s).

SkunkWorkZ Monetization Rules


Community donations will be used at the discretion of the Ownership of SkunkZ. We do not promote "pay to win" and therefore we do not offer overpowering/game-breaking contribution allowances on SkunKZ servers!


Donate Now (this link will be activated as soon we got the approval from Bohemia Interactive)


How do I contribute?


Once you have made a donation by clicking the "Donate Now" button above, please got #sz-support  to create a ticket in our Discord and a staff member will assist you so we can update your account!


If you donate to Custom Remodeled Gear, you will work one-on-one with our designers to get the look you want


Custom remodeled gear is available to everyone, regardless of donation, and will be made available at the black market trader.


Become a SkunkWorks Patreon:


All SkunkWorks Patreons (Explorer and above, incl. Space Engineer Explorer and above Patreons), will get SkunkWorkZ (DayZ) Priority Queue and a dedicated Discord Role including further benefits.


Further information on the Patreon Levels and benefits you can find here:


Get your Clan Tag:


Custom in-game Clan Tag displayed in front of your in-game chat. One Time payment. 

$ 10 


Donating for Custom Gear


Following custom items set are meant for basic reskins only. Full custom reskins of items are to be on a case by case basis. If you like to apply for a full reskin of items please make a ticket in our discord here.


One Custom Gear:


One custom gear reskinned to your desire. One-time payment. Gear will be available even after a wipe. $ 25


Custom Gear Basic Set (5 items).


Five (5) custom gears reskinned to your desire. One-time payment. Gears will be available even after a wipe. $ 75


Custom Gear Mega Set (15 items)


Fifteen (15) custom gears reskinned to your desire. One-time payment. Gears will be available even after a wipe. $ 125




These donations are used for server expenses to keep the server up and running.


All donations are final and are used to achieve the goals within the server. All contributions are used only for the benefit of the server. By contributing to the server, you automatically agree to our contribution agreement and waive any PayPal disputes. All payments are final at the time of purchase.


Dayz Monetization Rules and Regulations


Skunkworks is approving all monetization usage by the respected mod and map developers!

Items or packages not listed above will not be offered under any circumstances!


We are against pay to win or pay to get any benefits, including games that do not have monetization regulations!

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